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With cameras in hand our two heroes set out to chronicle for all time the crowning moment in the history of the heretofore woeful ATLANTA FALCONS, whose incredible climb for the very sewer of the NFL to the mountain known as the SUPERBOWL was an achievement that personifies no less than the very fabric of the American Dream. Come, relive with us now that brief moment of glory.....

It was with the highest of expectations that Barry and Tim left Bumper’s nightclub in Athens, Georgia at 1:30 a.m. ,January 31, 1999.

Little did they know that an indiscretion, committed earlier that evening by one of their beloved Falcon team leaders had already cast a pall over their trip that was surely being foreshadowed by the fog and heavy rain that fell on them as they began their journey.

Barry eats his shaker at Tim's house Sunday 10:45 a.m.

Barry,a true football fan, is much too tough for an umbrella

The rain fell steadily and matched the mood of our heroes (having learned the sordid details in the case of the fallen Falcon) as they gathered at Tim’s house to begin their trek. Little by little, however, as the realization began to sink in that our beloved Eugene had done nothing any more wrong than that for which our very own president stands accused, our mood began to lighten. I mean Eugene had been picked up for allegedly soliciting an undercover cop posing as a prostitute for oral sex and had never, unlike Mr. Clinton, consummated the act. Therefore, we reasoned, this (alleged) incident must be the result of some sort of conspiracy by enemies of either Eugene or the Falcons. Either the Denver media, or perhaps disgruntled Viking and or Packer fans, must be the ones behind this plot to try and discredit the character of and thus diminish the accomplishments of our "Dirty Birds". With our new insight into these events, our mood began to lighten as we lifted off and rose above the clouds into the bright sunshine of Superbowl Sunday.

Anxiously awaiting our departure

We found ourselves at the Fort Lauderdale Airport about three hours prior to kickoff. Making our way to the Alamo car rental lot we ran into these fine people. What a coincidence, They are from Athens and had actually seen us perform at Bumper’s two weekends previous referring to us as "that band with the girl."

Athens fans are the best fans

Finding no tickets available,this fan gets desperate

Thumbs down on the Broncos, no ifs ands or butts!

Known for their taste in women, Our Heroes are shown here with the Playboy bus, where they gladly helped recruit new playmates for the magazine

The sights and sounds of the Superbowl were many. We got to see KISS blow up the field, Cher lipsink the anthem Stevie Wonder and whoever the hell else was lipsinking at halftime.

The game needless to say to those who watched it sort of sucked. Try as we may to recapture it (and I got to believe the players felt the same) the luster and pride from a season of superlatives was somehow missing this day. My opinion is that it was left somewhere on Biscayne Boulevard the night before. But what do I know?

The Bitter End

As you can see our picture taking really slacked off after the game. Somehow it just didn’t seem important anymore. But all in all it was a great football season and I have a suspicion that next year they’ll be back.